The Advisory Committee is a specialized committee established within the framework of the Asia Food Forum to provide essential guidance and counsel to our esteemed paid members who are actively engaged in the food industry.

The primary objective of this committee is to offer expert advice, recommendations, and insights on matters pertaining to the food industry, including but not limited to best practices, emerging trends, regulatory compliance, and business strategies.

The Advisory Committee serves as a valuable resource for our paid members by leveraging the collective expertise and experience of its advisors. Comprised of industry professionals, subject matter experts, and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds within the food industry, this committee aims to foster knowledge sharing and facilitate informed decision-making among our members through regular meetings, consultations, workshops, and other collaborative initiatives, the Advisory Committee endeavors to address challenges faced by our paid members in their respective roles within the food industry. By providing necessary advice tailored to their specific needs and requirements, this committee strives to enhance professional growth opportunities while promoting excellence in the field and empowering the food industry.

It is important to note that while the Advisory Committee of the Asia Food Forum offers valuable guidance and recommendations, its role remains purely advisory in nature. The final decisions regarding any actions or implementations ultimately rest with the individual paid members or relevant governing bodies within their countries.

By establishing this Advisory Committee within Asia Food Forum’s bylaws, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our paid members working in the food industry by providing them with access to a dedicated platform for seeking expert advice and fostering professional development to empower the food industry.

Advisory Committee Director

  • Appointing an experienced and knowledgeable individual from within the key staff of the Asia Food Forum to lead the committee.
  • The director should have a good understanding of the food industry and be able to effectively manage the committee’s activities.


  • Consider including professionals from various sectors such as food technologists, chefs, nutritionists, food scientists, food safety experts, marketing specialists, and representatives from different segments of the food industry and food-production factors (e.g., restaurants, manufacturers, suppliers, and agricultural specialists).

Terms of Service

  • Determining the length of terms for committee advisors (e.g., one or two years) and their daily activities to ensure regular rotation and fresh perspectives.
  • Establishing guidelines for reappointment or replacement based on performance and commitment.

Meeting Frequency

  • Decide on a regular meeting schedule that allows for meaningful discussions without overwhelming advisors’ schedules especially writing blogs by advisors.
  • Monthly or quarterly meetings are often appropriate depending on the urgency of issues faced by the Asia Food Forum.