Advisor Applicants Form

The food industry in the Asia region is gigantic in size, and is, therefore, a key element in the economic development prospects for the region. It is estimated that total expenditure on food and beverages in Asia is around 920.5 Billion USD in a year.

The expansion of both populations and incomes in the region and this market will expand rapidly over the next few years. However, the food trade across national borders is increasing in importance.

Therefore, The Asia Food Forum was established to facilitate food trade in the Asia continent, aiming to expand and grow the food industry between the Asian countries. Paving the way for better collaboration and coordination between the engaging entities, institutions, and countries.

The Asia Food Forum is connecting all the food sectors under one roof, through its five services section as listed below to ensure industry growth, certify their products, and bring standards to the food manufacturing and processing industry.

1.     Import/Export

Facilitating shorter trading routes, improving & growing Import and Export systems with the help of member countries’ government entities, as well as working on tax reductions & fewer customs charges for the member countries.

2.    Organic Foods

Most Asian countries provide organic food and the biggest distribution network of organic food is in Europe, the USA, and Canada, The organic food target markets are limited to their respective regions. The Asia Forum facilitates connecting Asian vendors with the  Europe, USA, and Canadian buyers and distributors networks throughout its services platform, We help our members reach broader markets, with better packaging consultation & finding new markets in other continents.

3.    Online B2B Platform & Members Directory

The Asia Food Forum connects all members and businessmen of Asian countries through its online B2B platform and online business directory, which will bring more ease to the companies and factories related to the food industry doing business, collaborating with companies, sharing and discussing new opportunities. chat feature and panel discussion that will help businesses interact with their business partners inside the platform.

4.   Events

Asian Food Forum provides event management services and facilitates the participation of members in international food industry events.

  • ✓ Exhibition – display of the company’s products and services
  • ✓ Business courtship meetings
  • ✓ B2B and B2G meetings
  • ✓ B2B and B2C meetings on exhibition days.
  • ✓ Commercial tours to parks and industrial estates
  • ✓ Virtual business meetings and exhibitionsExhibitions – showcasing the company’s products and services

5.    Consultation Services

The Asia Food Forum is providing advisory services to its members in order to better achieve the production of standardized food products at the global level, therefore introduces its members to certification issuers and other related entities to standardize their products and reach global markets.

Asia Food Forum consultants provide members with appropriate advice to strengthen the technical and operational areas of their business in the following categories.

  • ✓ Food and raw material import/export
  • ✓ Certificates and food standards
  • ✓ Production line and packaging of grocery products
  • ✓ International Transportation, Transit and customs Consultant
  • ✓ Organic food processing and packaging
  • ✓ Food safety and storage
  • ✓ Seafood, meat and poultry
  • ✓ Production of a full range of dairy products

The Asia Food Forum provides its services to those businesses and entities that become its member and partner, which has four membership categories, Corporate, Gold, Silver, and individual members, and two types of Partners such as affiliated partner and implementing partner.

A set of services and benefits are offered to all members and it is categorized based on membership level and fees.

In order to provide better services and technical advice, we attract experienced consultants from all over the Asian countries and they join the forum voluntarily, therefore consultants provide the necessary advice to the members according to the instructions and the policies of the forum.

This is a big opportunity for them to grow their career and professional network and they would be in contact with all Asian businessmen continuously.

There are specific qualifications required to become an official consultant of the Asia Food Forum which are as follows;

  • ✓ Flexible
  • ✓ Effective as a facilitator
  • ✓ Knowledgeable about assessment and evaluation
  • ✓ Knowledgeable about members’ needs in its sector
  • ✓ Experienced at least five years
  • ✓ Knowledgeable about diverse business communities
  • ✓ Speaking English fluently
  • ✓ Access to and knowledge of all services provided by the Asia Food Forum
  • ✓ to be Organized, Timely, Efficient, Patient
  • ✓ Strong communication skills
  • ✓ Able to work with online platform and time schedule
  • ✓ Experienced and effective meeting facilitator
  • ✓ Experienced and effective process facilitator
  • ✓ Strong people skills

Asia Food Forum will focus on establishing additional country offices in the coming years so as to make the best use of its existing human resources. Therefore, any Consultant who wants to implement a project such as organizing a business consultation panel discussion and mentorship or conference in their country is invited to first initiate the process for the application by filling out the form on the next page and it would be under reviewing of the steering committee till you receive an approval email and you will be informed for the next process.