Dear members and stakeholders of the Asia Food Forum!

I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Asia Food Forum (AFF), an organization dedicated to empowering the gigantic food industry of Asia. the food industry in Asia holds significant economic development prospects. As the importance of food trade across the world continues to rise, it is crucial for us to facilitate and enhance this trade among Asian countries to make better export connections to the other continents’ food markets such as Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Our vision at AFF is to create a thriving food industry in Asia that is globally recognized for its excellence in quality, sustainability, and innovation. We aim to foster an environment where businesses can flourish, consumers can trust the products they consume, and communities can benefit from a vibrant food ecosystem.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to empower the food industry in Asia by providing exceptional services and support to our members around the world to make better connections to the other continents’ food markets. We are committed to facilitating export and import activities, promoting organic food production and certification facilitation, enhancing networking opportunities through our online platform, organizing impactful events, and offering expert consultation on various aspects of the food industry.

Through our five comprehensive services, we aim to foster better collaboration and coordination between various entities, institutions, and nations involved in the food industry. By bringing together all sectors of the industry under one roof, we ensure industry growth, facilitation of certification, and implementation of standardized practices in food manufacturing and processing.

At AFF, we are dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the Asian food market while promoting sustainable development for all stakeholders involved. We believe that by working together as a unified platform, we can propel the growth of the food industry in Asia.

I extend my gratitude to our Advisory Committee for their invaluable contributions in providing necessary advice and guidance to all our members. Their expertise and dedication are instrumental in shaping the direction of the Asia Food Forum and I am thankful to all our members and stakeholders for their continued support.

I look forward to working closely with all of you as we continue on this journey of empowering the food industry in Asia.

Sayed Ashraf Hashimi
Asia Food Forum